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Sports Marketing | Community Relations Fan Appreciation | Social Media Signings | Endorsements | Photography

Welcome to City Gal Sports. In this world of sports business, professional athletes have people pitching to them constantly. I am here to fill that role of pitching on the athletes’ behalf. This is where I have found a niche to provide a solution to athlete and entertainers to keep their public relations in check, and provide a services that have their best interest in mind.

It all starts with sports marketing, and giving the athletes the attention and information they would expect to receive from a large agency. I’ll work with their cities and communities to build involvement and name recognition. Through these strong community ties, fans will develop ongoing and positive relationships with my clients and take pride in the results they are making in the community. By developing endorsements that reflect on the athletes best interest and creating public signing opportunities, my clients reap the benefits they deserve but having a solid public perception. To learn more, please contact me and let’s discuss our future.  

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